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Iowa Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

Contact: Daniel Earle ,Ph.D.

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The State of Iowa is impacted by the business and social forces that operate around the world. In today's around-the-clock business atmosphere, employees are under great pressure to deliver more with less, work longer hours, and improve the bottom line. Such things as mergers, downsizing, international competition, rapid growth rate, and the most effective utilization of human resources and information can overload employees and managers, as well as affect morale and job satisfaction. Together, work stress and family issues affect an employees' ability to cope and be productive in the workplace. That is why many employers, and the Iowa Psychological Foundation are sensitive to these issues.

According to a 2000 poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, two-thirds of men and women say work has a significant impact on their stress level, and one in four has called in sick or taken a "mental health day" as a result of work stress. The benefits of a healthy workplace can include increased productivity and employee retention rates, recruiting advantages, company image enhancement, a better workplace atmosphere, and workers who are less stressed and more satisfied with their jobs.

This program is supported by the American Psychological Association and was created to recognize businesses and organizations which have demonstrated a commitment to the psychological health and the well-being of their employees. The Iowa Psychological Foundation recognizes the close interaction of psychological health and work performance in its mission: "The IPF promotes awareness and application of psychological principles to enhance the quality of life and healthy behavior for all Iowans." The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards will be given for newly created programs that have been implemented in the year 2003. The award will be available for large and small businesses and for nonprofit organizations.

Awards will be made according to the following criteria:

  • New program - implemented in the year 200
  • Program provides a model that others can follow to improve their workplace
  • Goals of program are clearly stated and outcomes are measurable
  • Employees have participated with management in the planning and design of the program
  • Program encourages employee participation
  • Business or institution has demonstrated a commitment to the future success of the program
  • Program does not discriminate against any class of employees or their families
  • Program is easily accessed

An employer who addresses any of the above issues is eligible to apply for this award. Judging criteria can include:

  1. Level of employee involvement in decision making, feedback tasks, and problem solving in the work environment;
  2. Family support options including opportunities for childcare and elderly care assistance, flexible work arrangement options for leave beyond the Family and Medical Leave Act, and family problem resolution;
  3. Employee growth and development opportunities and efforts to develop supportive supervisors who are responsive to work/family needs, diversity, and performance appraisals; and
  4. Provision of a work environment that is physically safe and promotes employees' physical health and wellness.

2011 Iowa Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners - Iowa Disability Determination Service Bureau
From Left: Michele Lee, DDS Examiner; Dr. Daniel Earl, IPA Committee Chair; Lisa Harms, DDS Examiner; Liz McLaren, DDS Bureau Chief
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