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Join an IPA Committee

Students participate in IPA by serving as APAGS representatives on the IPA Executive Council and on IPA committees.

If you are interested in being a student representative to one of the committees described here, visit the IPA Leadership page to contact the appropriate committee chair with a letter of interest and the name of one professional reference.


This committee provides information, advice, and education on matters of professional ethics to members of IPA. The committee is also concerned about professional ethical conduct of persons who are not members and when questions of professional ethical conduct arise, it may provide information and consultation to appropriate agencies and organizations. The student representative would collaborate with the Ethics Committee to consider and respond to professional ethics questions submitted by IPA members.

Membership Committee

This committee focuses on recruiting, approving, and retaining members of IPA. The student representative could offer a unique perspective on the best ways to recruit and retain students in IPA. The student representative would work with the membership chair and committee to best meet this goal.

Professional Issues Committee

This committee addresses issues critical to the practice of professional psychology, including matters pertaining to scope of practice and insurance. The chair also organizes the Annual Student Poster Session and awards at the IPA spring conference. The student representative collaborates with the chair to fulfill these duties.

Developing Psychologists Network

The Developing Psychologists Network (DPN) promotes opportunities for early career psychologists and psychologists developing new career interests to exchange ideas and support one another.

Public Education

This committee strives to raise public awareness of the benefits of psychological intervention, remove information gaps that inhibit access to appropriate care and treatment, and provide public information needed to access mental health services. The committee members collaborate with APA in promotion of psychology to the public through media, advertising, and community outreach programs.


This committee is interested in exploring ways to educate Iowa psychologists about pharmacological issues to make them better clinicians when working with patients. This committee is interested in educating IPA members about psychologists' movement to gain prescription privileges and studying the process that Louisiana and New Mexico have gone through in securing these privileges. The focus of this committee continues to include talking with IPA members to monitor local interest on the issue, as well.

Diversity and Social Justice

The Diversity and Social Justice committee promotes awareness of and advocates for diversity and social justice through all aspects of IPA. This includes identifying and developing diversity initiatives that support the growth of the organization and serve the needs of the public, creating a more welcoming environment for psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals that identify as ethnic minorities, and/or are from marginalized populations, and promoting human values of equality and justice, decreasing the gap in mental health disparities in the state of Iowa by increasing psychologists’ cultural competence via educational opportunities.


The purpose of the IPA website is to enhance communication by providing access to timely, accurate and useful information about IPA activities. The website provides electronic access to forms and documents, including agendas, minutes, budgets and reports; news; events and meeting schedules. Other information may also be included, provided it is for the benefit of IPA members.

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